Gary Busey Gary Busey

Paula Abdul, you have been served.

Long considered the premiere voice of crazy on reality TV, MC Skat Cat's former sidekick is now a mere whisper of weird compared to the bonkers verbosity that is Gary Busey. For weeks, Celebrity Apprentice's wild-eyed Yoda has been offering gems of staggering inanity far more bizarre than even Ms. Abdul's advising American Idol contestants to paint doors with their voices and walk thru them. Or whatever that was.

"I never lose focus. I've been to the other side," Busey bellowed during one boardroom showdown, followed later by the world's worst hearing-aid endorsement, "I can hear my toenails grow."  And let's not forget his ominous "I'm at risk every time I wake up."

Well last night, we were at risk of busting a gut as Busey spewed one even more out-there observations with the sincerity of someone who not only believes what he's saying, but also understands what he's saying. Which is good, because we're still baffled by his comments about the episode's art-gallery challenge and Meat Loaf's epic meltdown over misplaced supplies the rocker accused him of pilfering:

"A righteous truth...a-r-t. That is the definition of art."

"You need heart for the art, and the art brings the heart. Therefore they go together in a wonderful way, in a composition that embraces the eyes of the viewer."

"Forgive. F-o-r-g-i-v-e. Finding ourselves really giving individuals valuable energy."

"Meat Loaf excelled to a level of dancing on a rainbow with no fear. And no doubt."


Fittingly, these priceless Busey-isms were busted out during an episode that both broke the bank — a record $1.6 million for charity was raised — and served up moments of pure emotion that were worth their weight in gold (when did LaToya Jackson become a real person?!). But we have to wonder if Team Backbone can afford to carry Gary any longer. From the looks of next week's promo, the answer seems to be clear... even if Busey's bromides aren't.

Do you understand what Gary is talking about? Or should he just be sent home to start working on his book of bananas life lessons?

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