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And here we thought NBC would be trying to shut down Fox's new The Voice rip-off The Choice. But its CBS who is up in arms over ABC's news that the network would be launching a Big Brother-style reality series called Glass House.

Lawyers for CBS sent ABC a warning letter stating that the network "will be acting at their own peril if they continue to proceed" with the series. "CBS has instructed us to pursue all available remedies if this course of conduct continues."

Exclusive: ABC orders summer reality show The Glass House

In Glass House, which is scheduled to premiere Monday, June 18 at 10/9c, 14 contestants will live together and compete for $250,000. ABC's twist on the Big Brother format is this: Viewers will help to determine which houseguests are sent home via online and social networks — and the houseguests will be will be aware of all of it, giving them the opportunity not only to interact with outside world the outside world but adjust their behavior if they're popularity appears to wane.

The reality series is executive-produced by former Big Brother producer Kenny Rosen, who is one of at least 15 other former Big Brother staff and crew who are working on Glass House, according to the letter.

"With the striking similarities to Big Brother and their concerted effort to recruit a large number of former staff from the show, we don't see how ABC can produce this new series without infringing on our rights," CBS said in a statement.

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