Talk about dream casting!

Casey Wilson will star opposite Busy Philipps' in a NBC comedy pilot from Tina Fey, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Sackett Sisters follows two estranged sisters, Sutton (Wilson) and Maddy (Philipps), who perform an act of public heroism and must navigate the aftermath together. Unlike Maddy, who is described as "the family's living embodiment of their failure," Sutton has built a normal, mundane life for herself far, far away from her family. Bradley Whitford will also star in the comedy as the sisters' father, Henry Sackett.

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The actress' casting is apparently a dream come true for her co-star Philipps, who shared on Instagram that she immediately thought of Wilson for the role upon reading the script. "I'M NOT SAYING I SECRETED THIS BUT I'M NOT SAYING I DIDN'T," Philipps wrote.

Wilson's previous credits include Happy Endings, Marry Me, One Mississippi and Saturday Night Live. She also co-hosts a successful Real Housewives podcast, Bitch Sesh.