Carly Fiorina and The View hosts faced off on Friday's show about their comments about her face.

Appearing via satellite, the Republican presidential candidate, whose face View co-host Michelle Collins called "demented" during last week's GOP debate, was not amused when Whoopi Goldberg asked if she will "get a thicker skin to accept some of the humorous things that will be said about" her.

"If you meant your comment about my face being 'demented' and a 'Halloween mask' as humorous, so be it," Fiorina said. "I guess you misinterpreted Donald Trump's comments about my face and thought those weren't humorous."

Joy Behar shot back that she had defended Fiorina against Trump's comments and she's an equal opportunity offender when it comes to joking about politicians - because she doesn't believe one should be exempt from her jokes. "You know what? You can say whatever you want. And don't worry, I have skin plenty thick enough to take whatever people throw at me," Fiorina replied. "I've been called all kinds of things. In any event, I've been called a bimbo from the time I was a secretary to the time I was a CEO."

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Collins said Friday that calling Fiorina's face demented was a "poor choice of words," but did not outright apologize. She did, however, ask if Fiorina's been coached to smile at the debates. "I don't have people coaching me. I love to smile and laugh," Fiorina said. "But there's a time to smile and there's a time to be serious."

Things got even testier when Fiorina tried to throw some shade at the show. "I think The View garnered a lot of publicity over this feud as well," she said. "I think that's why you had me on your show at the top of the hour for a couple segments."

"We didn't put out any ads or anything," Goldberg quickly interrupted.

"I haven't put out any ads either, Whoopi," Fiorina said curtly.

Watch the whole exchange below - and see Fiorina and Behar argue over abortion rights too.