Question: Can you please give us some scoop on One Tree Hill?

Answer: I just received a fresh batch of intel, but I can't attest to its news value since, well, as you know, the show is my kryptonite. Per my Tree mole, some dude named Chris Keller will return in the most unexpected way when the show comes back on May 9. (Is that big? Sounds big.) And the witness to Dan's murder is apparently not who anyone expected it to be. Furthermore, my spy told me to tease that we have not seen the last of two of this season's biggest problems: One is a person and the other is a situation. And both will oooh, this sounds juicy come back to bite a pair of exes in the butt by the time everyone comes back from Texas. This stuff actually sounds pretty good. Maybe I'll give this One Tree Hill program a second chance... not!