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Burn Notice (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET) is on fire, both figuratively and literally (usually thanks to Fiona's pyrotechnic work). After opening its third season with a cool 6 million viewers, the USA Network action-drama has been spying impressive demos. But will things ever combust between Michael and his onetime lady love? Gabrielle Anwar offered a peek at what's to come. That was some nifty knife-throwing Fiona demonstrated in last week's episode.
Gabrielle Anwar: [Laughs] Thank you. I fooled ya, huh? Yeah, that wasn't me. I did learn how to throw that thing, but I confess that they wouldn't let me do it if there was another human being within a mile radius. So then what fun skills have you learned on the show? Is there anything you could pull off in a pinch? Maybe wire some C-4?
Anwar: I could probably blow something up. But I think our props master, who is quite the genius, is reluctant to give me every ingredient in the recipe, just in case I ever have a pissy moment. Jeffrey Donovan in real life boasts some mad martial-arts skills (including a black belt in karate and six years of aikido training). Does he ever show you moves?
Anwar: When we do have a fight sequence, he shows me what to do because I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen if I, you know, flick my elbow this way or thrust my knee that way. He's been quite instrumental in my not hurting anyone! Fiona this season seems somewhat intent on making inroads on a relationship with Michael. Is that an accurate take?
Anwar: I suppose so, yeah. She's a girl who knows what she wants and doesn't like to be crossed. She's definitely setting out to get inside his head. In the season premiere, her "I'm glad you are alive" was terse yet seemed laden with emotion.
Anwar: Yeah, I don't think that her verbal articulation is quite as seasoned as her physical expressions. She's not one for mincing words. Will the Michael-Fiona fans ever get more than a forehead kiss?
Anwar: I hope so! We haven't shot anything like that yet this season. But we do have some steamy moments. Do you think there is a way to put them together and still keep things exciting?
I don't know.... It depends on what your definition of "put them together" is. I know that in my own personal life, once something is taken for granted, no matter what it is, it loses that element of enigmatic passion. It's the nature of the beast. I can't imagine that Fiona would ever settle for a mundane lifestyle. I doubt that "Fiona settles down" would ever be in one of the episode outlines. Moon Bloodgood's new character, Det. Paxson, was billed on-screen as "Michael's worst nightmare." Might she prove to be a thorn in Fi's side as well?
Anwar: Perhaps, and possibly as more than an obvious physical [rival]. I think it's more another element that's going to keep Michael preoccupied, and away from me. I think that if Fiona was bothered by every absolutely drop-dead, stunning, gorgeous chick that came along, she may as well just head out of Miami. There have been some recent headlines about Burn Notice's production having troubles down in Miami. What's that all about?
Anwar: Yeah. There's some sort of political rumblings about the property that we use for our production offices and sound stage. There's a possibility that it might be torn down. I'm not sure where it's going. Do you think the show would ever relocate and change its setting?
Anwar: For what the show is right now, I can't imagine it being anywhere else. It's a key feature. I've heard Jeffrey say in interviews that Miami is a character unto itself, and I couldn't agree more. Plus, any place less warm wouldn't allow Fiona to wear so little.
Anwar: [Laughs] That is a very good point!

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