Could there ever be a crossover between NCIS and Bull? We know what you're thinking: Of course not! How could Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) ever cross paths with the former colleagues of NCIS' Tony DiNozzo (also Weatherly)? Unless... maybe after leaving NCIS, Tony assumed a brand new identity (Dr. Jason Bull) and is now working in New York City analyzing juries. Eh?

Well, it might not be that complicated. recently asked Weatherly about whether we'd ever see Tony DiNozzo back on NCIS, and he instead pitched a crossover, featuring Tony making an appearance on Bull. With a few special effects and a lot of suspension of disbelief, it could happen!

Check out the video to get Weatherly's take on what such an episode will look like — and when we might get to see it.

NCIS and Bull air Tuesdays at 8/7c and 9/8c, respectively, on CBS.

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