Buh-bye Brandon. I'll miss that strong, silent farmer and his thoughtful ways. Until now I always thought that chewing on cornstalks was only something done in the movies. Guess I was wrong, but if I was that hungry, I'd probably be chomping on anything I could get my hands on. I did think it was really interesting that the people complaining most about the lack of food were not the ones who looked the most emaciated. Stephenie, RafeLydia and Jamie practically dove onto that big buffet, knowing their butts were safe, but I really want to give Danni, Cindy and Gary a pizza or something. They are looking so thin, isn't it about time for one of those food-auction challenges? But it seems like this is the season of survivor shake-ups. Like the whole hidden-in-the-jungle-immunity-idol thing  that's a fun new twist. And I have one big question about Rafe, who said that he was the "worst person at finding things" right before he stuck his hand in a hornets' nest. How the heck is he a wilderness guide? I am so never going into the jungle with someone who admits that he can't find things and doesn't know how to spot danger early. Angel Cohn

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