Sarah Jane Morris, <EM>Brothers & Sisters</EM> Sarah Jane Morris, Brothers & Sisters

She's pregnant with twins, her husband is sterile, and her on-screen alter ego suffered a serious bout of nymphomania earlier this season. But Sarah Jane Morris (aka Thomas' wife, Julia) isn't about to complain. The Brothers & Sisters star couldn't be happier about landing a gig on ABC's freshman series (Sundays at 10 pm/ET) about a family coming to terms with their father's sudden death. recently caught up with the 29-year-old — who you may recognize from Felicity and Windfall — to find out what's next for the lovable but dysfunctional Walker clan. Do you think you'll follow your character's lead and start having kids soon with your husband, Rooney drummer Ned Brower?
Sarah Jane Morris: [Laughs] It might almost be making me want to put off pregnancy a little longer. It's like, "I'm going to be this uncomfortable for nine months?!" I can take this [pregnancy padding] off, but you can't take off your real baby. What's it like strapping on a "pregnant belly" at work every day?
Morris: It's really hot, but that's what happens when you're pregnant. They remade it, which was nice, because the first one was really uncomfortable. The bra wasn't quite the right size, so it was pushing and pulling in places. It's basically a nude bodysuit with a belly made out of foam and nylon sewn onto the front, then extra padding to give me extra stuff "up top." Julia and Tommy (played by Balthazar Getty) tried to have a baby for a long time before they asked for help. What's coming up with that story line?
Morris: When you see my character [in the April episodes], I'm going to be a lot bigger. I'll be getting into the last trimester so I'll start looking really pregnant. I can say that Tommy is going to get serious about the paternity of the babies. He wants to know who the real father is — [sperm-donor brothers] Kevin or Justin. How will that impact Julia and Tommy's relationship?
It definitely causes some friction, but not long-term. Do you ever think to yourself that the show gets a little crazy?
There's definitely a sense that the show is an "escape" for people, that it's not always totally grounded. I'm pregnant, my husband's sterile, and I don't know who the father is — the gay brother or the brother who is a druggie and going to war. What?!

TVGuide: What do you think is making Brothers & Sisters click with millions of viewers each week?
It seems absurd, but somehow the writers handle it in a way that it works. They make it seem real. A lot of [the reason for its success] is the writing, and a lot of it is the acting. Can we expect to see more guest stars later this season?
David Paymer (Mr. Saturday Night) is playing Chad Barry's (Jason Lewis) manager on April 8. He's a slick Hollywood guy who has a meeting with Kevin about his relationship with Chad. He's also directing the episode. Will Rob Lowe return as the senator in Season 2?
I don't know. If he does stay on, I can't imagine what's going to happen with the whole presidency thing. But I would love to see him more involved with the family. They've only touched on that so far, but I think it would be fun. The Walkers just learned that William fathered a daughter named Rebecca during his affair with Holly. Will Rebecca discover that her dad was already married with kids?
She has no idea, but she is going to find out that she has more family, and that definitely causes some problems with her mother. Things will start to unravel from there!

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