Question: I really love the Justin/Rebecca chemistry on Brothers & Sisters, and I, for one, am glad she's not really a Walker. But before I get my heart set on this pairing, will the network get cold feet and nix it before it has even begun?

Answer: A network getting cold feet over a controversial plotline? What makes you think that could happen, Kelly? No, seriously, I too was worried that the network and/or producers would do an about-face regarding Justin/Rebecca in light of some loud objections from fans and select members of the press. Yes, I said worried, because I actually love this story and the blockbuster material it's giving to Emily VanCamp and David Annable. Last week's episode may have been my favorite B&S ever. So it's not only shocking but disappointing to me that even the mere hint of the dreaded "I" word is enough to send folks over the edge. The fact is, J&R are not related, so people need to chillax and give this story a chance to play out. Which I'm relieved to be able to say after screening the stellar finale looks like it's going to happen. Greg Berlanti and his fellow exec producers who, for my money, have handled this story with the utmost restraint and dignity seem committed to seeing it through, even if it means they'll need an armed guard to and from work. (And bless their hearts for that.) Oh, and while we're on the subject, based on my mailbag, there's a lot more support for this story than the message boards would suggest. I'd say it's more like 60 neg, 40 pos. And after the last scene airs next week, I predict that number will flip-flop big time.