Tom Brokaw courtesy NBC Tom Brokaw courtesy NBC

As the broadcast news community and its audience still reels from the news of Tim Russert's passing, NBC has decided to broadcast this Sunday a special, Tom Brokaw-hosted edition of Meet the Press, celebrating the political analyst's extraordinary life and career.

"Tim was a man of many passions - his family most of all, his faith, his country, political journalism, baseball and the Buffalo Bills," Brokaw shares in a statement. "As a working class Irish-American with a Jesuit education his range was wide and deep - from the sensibilities of blue-collar voters to the politics of the Vatican, from the power plays on Capitol Hill to the power plays on network television. Almost all of our conversations - and they went on every day - ended with some version of, 'Can you believe how lucky we are to be doing this?'"

Brokaw is the one who broke into Friday-afternoon programming to report the sudden passing of the NBC family's "beloved colleague."

In most markets, Meet the Press is seen on NBC stations Sunday from 9 to 10 am/ET. In Washington, D.C. and New York City, it is broadcast at 10:30 am. Check the Meet the Press website for broadcast times in your area. - Matt Mitovich

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