Britney Spears by John Sciulli/ Britney Spears by John Sciulli/

Britney Spears on Monday night was booked on two charges - hit-and-run causing property damage and driving without a valid California driver's license - stemming from her Aug. 6 fender-bender in a San Fernando Valley parking lot. Spears was reportedly smiling, "cooperative" and poured into a short black dress as she was fingerprinted and photographed, then released an hour later. (She also sported sunglasses, allegedly due to a bout of "pink eye," which only means one thing: "I'm spending time with my munchkins, y'all!")

Though the popped tart faces up to a year in the clink when she is arraigned on Oct. 25, her lawyer tells People, "We're working toward a resolution of the case, but we don't have a firm deal yet."