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Breaking Bad's plot echoed in a case investigated by suburban Boston authorities.

Irina Kristy, a 74-year-old college professor, and her 29-year-old son have been accused of running a meth lab out of their home in Somerville, about 500 feet from City Hall, according to The Boston Globe. They face charges of distribution of meth, conspiracy to violate the drug law and drug violation in a school zone.

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On the AMC series, Walter White, played by three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston, is a high school chemistry teacher who begins to cook and sell meth after he's diagnosed with cancer.

Kristy, who has taught math for more than 20 years at two different Boston-area universities, will be arraigned Dec. 21. Her son, who has already pleaded guilty to the charges, is due back in court on Dec. 20.