So I had to suspect that Agent Kenton was bad from the moment he walked on screen. I mean it was almost a little bit of déjà vu seeing David Boreanaz and

Adam Baldwin together again. Except this time around, things didn't end quite so badly for David B. Booth, who was actually able to stop the bad guy from killing Brennan, instead of fighting off a seemingly insurmountable flock of demons from hell in an attempt to save the world. But I digress to the good old days of Angel, when I'm really supposed to talk about how delighted I am for an exciting episode of Bones in its nice new time slot. Brennan nearly gets whacked by the mob, she and Booth dance and sing to Foreigner's "Hot Blooded," there are some really grody-looking corpses, and Booth gets blown up by a fridge bomb. And the icing on the cake? The place where Brennan was supposed to meet her Internet date (who was totally hot, by the way) was Nolita, which was the restaurant on the sadly short-lived sitcom Kitchen Confidential. Was that set just hanging around the Fox lot? Anyway, we got what I believe was our first look at Brennan's apartment, and all I have to say is that I made a bad career choice somewhere along the line, because aside from the lack of a TV, that place was amazing. Forensic anthropology must pay pretty well... if you can get past all the decomposing remains and stuff.