What a sad case with the little boy and the revelation that Temp had been in foster care until her grandfather came and got her out. But I wasn't the only one who had a hard time with this topic: Apparently Zack and Angela both had a tough time, too. But Zack learned to focus on the details, even though putting on the thermal-heat sensor really did make him look like the Great Gazoo. Angela had issues with the teeny-tiny remains and was bothered by the fact that she was slowly turning into one of the squints. Booth gets her dilemma: "She didn't get the same training the rest of you got on planet Vulcan. She's more sensitive. She likes puppies and kitties and ducklings and Jell-O shots and dancing on bars." [Followed by Booth's very entertaining dance-music vocalization and moves.] But Dr. Goodman managed to convince Angela not to leave the Jeffersonian eloquently speaking about how important she was to the team. Though Zack quipped, "Apparently all Angela needed was to hear her job description in a deep African-American tone." I'm totally digging the funny lines that are interspersed with the heavy drama. The relationships are really what make this show, and they are evolving each week. But I've got to agree with Bones, Booth telling her not to park her car crooked was just plain mean. But I have a feeling she might be up for a little bit of payback even if it means giving his "character" in her next book an embarrassing flaw or something. Oh, and does anyone else think this show is just perfect for a drinking game? Like one drink every time Bones says "I don't know what that is" when someone makes a pop-culture reference? Hey, I finally learned my lesson not to eat during this show, that doesn't mean that drinking should be disallowed, too, does it? Angel Cohn

What's the real reason viewers love crime shows like this? Get a clue.