Olivia Wilde, Patrick Dempsey Olivia Wilde, Patrick Dempsey

We asked which shows Jumped the Shark this season, and TVGuide.com readers told us. By a wide margin, they pointed most often to Heroes, House, Bones and Grey's Anatomy. Some even snickered and laughed while doing so.

So now we need help again. Vote in our poll on which of these shows is the biggest Shark Jumper of this past season.

We had half a mind to disqualify Heroes, since so many readers said it actually jumped a year ago, during its second season. And we feel especially sorry for the apparently broken Bones and Grey's, which had several critics in our reader comments, but not... one... single... defender.

What can we conclude from these shows being the most-cited Shark Jumpers? Apparently viewers hate hallucinatory sex, a prominent feature of three of the four shows. (Heroes did, however, have a hallucinatory romantic flying scene. And we all know what flying in a dream symbolizes...)

What made these shows so disappointing? We'll turn it over to our anonymous panel of experts:

"No one dies," Wesmark complained of Heroes. "Even when Niki/Jessica died at season's end, there was magically a third clone to keep Ali Larter in the mix. It was an awesome single-season arc for Season 1. It should have ended then."

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much 13, who is as bland and boring a character as exists on television," wrote Showfan, one of many who listed Olivia Wilde's character as one of House's biggest flaws. "Kutner's suicide, with no explanation for it; and yet another hallucination story line."

"Characters growing and developing is a sign of a good show, but Bones doesn't move from stage to stage," Tahonia wrote. "This jump to 'I want your baby' after all the years of 'Why reproduce?' ... is just appalling.  Her character has been written to have no perception of anyone else's emotional needs." 

"Greys Anatomy jumped the shark for me this year," said Tivouser:  "Every episode with Denny the ghost was painful to watch.  This story line completely ruined this season for me."

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