Question: In your vodcast last week, you mispronounced my name. It's LEE-la and not LAY-la. I am requesting an apology and any additional scoop you have on next week's Booth-Bones kiss.

Answer: Fair enough. Please accept by sincerest apologies, Laura. I promise to be more careful next time, and I hope and pray the prattle I'm about to give you will more than make up for the emotional distress and public humiliation you suffered as a result of this entire ordeal. Just hours ago, I spoke with exec producer Barry Josephson about the circumstances surrounding Booth and Bones' big sweeps smooch (airing Nov. 27), and what David and Emily's mind-set was going into it. Here's that mini-Q&A.

Does the kiss stir up any emotions?
Josephson: It definitely stirs up some emotions. In the episode, Booth is really a live wire, because he's having issues with his ex. And Bones is having issues with her brother and her dad. So the two of them are very raw emotionally, but I think there's a little something more going on. And I think everybody around them knows it.

How long did you guys agonize over the timing of this kiss?
Josephson: It was [show-runner] Hart Hanson's decision. I know it was something he was wrestling with where to take this relationship and how far to go with it. I also know that Hart pays very close attention to the message boards and the fans of the show and what they feel should happen to the characters. But it's our Christmas episode in our third season. I think there are expectations, and I think Hart was sort of feeling that.

Were you on the set the day the scene was shot?
Josephson: I was not on the set, but I was talking to both actors before and after, and they were very excited. David was almost giddy he was so excited. He and Emily are very close; they're very good friends.

How many takes did they have to do?
Josephson: There were a few takes. They got to smack a few times.