Bobby Jon described Brian as a "kamikaze that's going to bust a wedge." He then called the East Coaster a good ol' boy and someone you'd want as a neighbor. Then he voted the skinny guy off. Interesting that the words that came out of his mouth didn't really coordinate with his actions, but Bobby Jon never really makes all that much sense to me. Especially his bizarre overreaction to the challenge, when he decided to get all up in

Jamie's face. Jamie at least just wrote it off as "We're Southern people. We're crazy and we know it." Meanwhile, Rafe won immunity and the chance to listen in on the Yaxha tribe. All he got to see was how Brandon acknowledged Amy's determination in the face of adversity. I swear Amy almost blushed. But a better reward would have been if one of the Yaxhas had a chance to eavesdrop on Nakum's knock-down-drag-out discussion between Judd and Margaret. That was good television and led to Margaret's ultimate ouster. Oh, and during that same tribal council, we got the Judd quote of the week: "It's not like we're being bad sportsmanship." I'd like to chalk up his butchering of the English language to all the beer (which may or may not have been his) that he drank, but on a weekly basis he comes up with a potent quotable. Angel Cohn

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