You can't blame the FBI agents on Blindspot for feeling like the terrorist organization Sandstorm is one step ahead of them at every turn. Because Sandstorm is anticipating our heroes' every move — and they're about to find out exactly why.

This week's episode will shed a little light on the matter, when the team discovers that Sandstorm's leader, Shepherd (Michelle Hurd), has been tracking the FBI for longer than anyone could have thought possible. Specifically, she's had her eye on Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) for years, ever since he was a very young man and before he was even involved with the bureau. So, what's behind her obsession with him?

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The answer, we're told, will reveal the true nature of Shepherd's "decades-old connection" to Weller. Is it possible that, all along, Jane's (Jaimie Alexander) just been a pawn in Shepherd's true endgame: to track down Weller?

Michelle Hurd, <em>Blindspot</em>Michelle Hurd, Blindspot

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