Sullivan Stapleton, <em>Blindspot</em> Sullivan Stapleton, Blindspot

Looks like we're finally going to get a full explanation about the elusive "Operation Daylight" on NBC's Blindspot. But we'll have to wait until next week's episode for that. In the meantime, here's what we learned this week.

Whoever tattooed Jane (Jaimie Alexander) basically provided the FBI with a treasure map that leads them to former FBI informant and wanted criminal Saul Guerrero (guest star Lou Diamond Phillips). After going dark on the FBI, he's been hiding in Michigan for the past few years, in a town not unlike the one depicted in Deliverance. (If I were from Michigan, I would be pretty offended by this episode.) Guerrero has been protected by the government-fearing people in the town, but that all goes to hell in this episode.

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The map also, eventually, leads them to a metal trunk full of guns - which, as we see in flashbacks, was buried six months earlier by Tree Tattoo Man from last week's episode. The plot thickens! Also, the four-letter code to unlock it is K-U-R-T because, duh.

Eventually, Guerrero is arrested and brought back to FBI headquarters. But, it turns out that Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) was lying to Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) the whole time about being Guerrero's handler when he was working as an informant for the FBI, which Weller realizes when Mayfair goes in to interrogate Guerrero and he shows no signs of recognizing her. Weller confronts Mayfair, who realizes the jig is up and has no other choice than to come clean about Operation Daylight, which only three people in the world know about. After next Monday, it's gonna be a lot more.

Curiosity kills the cat when it comes to Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and her sweet, geeky boyfriend David (Joe DiNicol), who just can't resist a good puzzle apparently. After a rocky start to their morning when David asks to move in and Patterson pulls out every excuse in the book to avoid the conversation, he steals one of the tattoo printouts and tracks the image to the Brooklyn Historical Society. Big mistake. Though he and Patterson make significant headway on the clue, Mayfair tracks them down and shuts down their DIY operation. Patterson manages to avoid getting fired, but tells David she's choosing her work over him for the time being. Sad - although something tells me we haven't seen the last of the amateur detective.

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