Poor Roman (Luke Mitchell)! The (former? current?) Sandstorm operative didn't respond too well to his memory being erased by his sis Jane (Jaimie Alexander) in Blindspot's return from winter break. But that was just one of several revelations in "Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg In Iron." Patterson (Ashley Johnson) got shot! And horrifically tortured! Reade (Rob Brown) made a move on Tasha (Audrey Esparza)! Borden (Ukweli Roach) can kick butt!

To dig deeper into what we learned from the episode, TVGuide.com got Blindspot creator Martin Gero on the horn to talk things out.

Jaimie Alexander, BlindspotJaimie Alexander, Blindspot

Nas and Tasha made comments about how Jane shouldn't have erased Roman's memory, but Weller was very supportive of Jane. Will this divide cause friction within the team?

Martin Gero: I think certainly, yeah. Jane and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) were kind of the dynamic duo last season, but obviously, for all the reasons, they've had a rough go of it this season. But I think towards the end of the last few episodes, Jane and Weller have really repaired their relationship, and it's almost back to normal, so to speak.

No one understands Jane more than Weller, and in many ways, no one understands Weller more than Jane. So they become a very unified team going forward on how they think what's best, how's best to deal with the fact that they're totally in the dark now, how to use Roman, and I think that rubs Nas the wrong way. Not necessarily for the personal reasons, but I think she just disagrees with him occasionally. So it's going to be interesting to watch the team navigate — they're on uncomfortable ground, they're totally in the dark, they're scared. But they also want revenge bad. But they're the good guys and they have to remember that and what it means.

Blindspot has a reputation for double agents, moles, and switcheroos, and now we've arrived at doubts of whether Roman actually did have his memory erased--

Gero: He had it erased. The doubts are, "What do we do with him now? Do we send him to the CIA and torture him?" It's a difficult decision, and it will be ever-evolving as the ground shifts from under them from episode to episode. What makes sense one episode to do with him won't make sense the next episode. Or what seems crazy in Episode 11 won't seem that crazy in Episode 13. It's an ever-shifting environment with Roman, because he's a huge asset but he's incredibly volatile and dangerous. They don't want to let him out of his cage, but realize at a certain point that they don't have a choice.

Reade kissed Tasha! That was a big shock considering how their relationship has been built. I took it as Reade feeling a bit lost, what were you trying to achieve with that kiss?

Gero: No, I think that's right. I think those two love each other deeply. I don't know that they're in love with each other. I think you're right. Reade had a really rough go the first half of the season, you know, finding out about the abuse and not really dealing with it yet. Just because Jones is dead, doesn't mean the trauma is over for him yet. I think he's looking for something to hold on to in his life, and he overstepped there.

I had no idea that Borden could fight like that. That move with the handcuffs on Weller? That was straight out of the Ninja Academy.

Gero: Ukweli actually does parkour. He's a guy who does parkour! He's an incredibly gifted dancer, so it's been incredibly nice to show his physicality on the show, because that fight sequence is amazing. That's both of them — that's actually Ukweli and Sullivan for the whole thing and they did an amazing job.

Is there more to Borden than we know, or was that a result of Sandstorm training.

Gero: Yep, that's Sandstorm training.

Sandstorm planned to put a tattoo on Jane that never made it. That big tiger on her neck! I have no idea what to ask to get something out of you. What can you tell us about it?

Gero: [Laughs] That'll be solved sooner than you think, is the good news. We're always looking for ways to play with the iconography with our show, and we had this idea of the test version of Jane, and what was left off. And I think it really plays into the Roman storyline in a nice way in the next couple episodes. You won't have to wait too long.

I'm gonna theorize here really quickly, was that tattoo something Sandstorm changed its mind on, or was it something that was moved on to someone else?

Gero: I think the first one is closer to the truth.

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