[Warning: This article contains major spoilers from Monday's episode of Blindspot. Read at your own risk!]

On Monday's episode of Blindspot, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) finally learned who she really is.

As it turns out, Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) suspicions are true: Jane is in fact Taylor Shaw - the childhood friend of Weller's who's been missing for 25 years. This is according to Jane's former lover Oscar (Francois Arnaud), but can he be trusted? For now, Jane's operating under the assumption that he can be.

"Finding out that she's Taylor Shaw from somebody that has come into her life from her past is pretty huge," Alexander tells TVGuide.com. "Because then it's not just somebody who wants her to be Taylor Shaw telling her that she's Taylor Shaw, but in fact somebody who seems to know quite a bit about her in her past life. And also, she's had memories of this man, so she knows that he's definitely somebody that she was okay with. So that just ups the stakes right there."

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But it might be a while before Jane decides to share the information with Weller, after Oscar tells her not to trust anyone at the FBI.

"It's very up and down," Alexander says of Jane and Weller's relationship. "They both hold back certain things with each other, information-wise, and so Jane gets to a point in this part of the season where she doesn't quite know who she can trust. So that's also a difficult position to be in."

Suffice it to say that, on the romantic front, things between Jane and Weller seem to have cooled off for now, especially considering that Jane stood Weller up in order to meet with Oscar.

"Their relationship's so based in human connection, whether that's friendship or romance. ...," Alexander says. "But I think she definitely wants to keep everybody at the FBI safe, and I think the more she distances herself from those people, the safer they're going to be. At least that's what she feels. So that's tough."

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It's tough on both her and on Weller, who's understandably confused about Jane's attitude. "It's hard on anyone to be sort of pushed and pulled away from a relationship," Stapleton tells TVGuide.com. "He thinks he's found his childhood friend who went missing. And to be sort of pushed away from her then, due to her own turmoil and mistrust, it hurts him. It puts him in a hard position."

Still, even though Oscar reminds Jane that everything is going according to her plan, we still don't know what that plan is. "She struggles with the fact that she's just been told that she's done this to herself," Alexander says. "That's a large pill to swallow and something that she's still not completely coming to terms with. Because, how could she? Why would she? So many people have been hurt, and what was the point?"

Other major developments in the episode:

-Upon learning that Tom Carter is missing and presumed dead, Zapata (Audrey Esparza) decides to throw out her resignation letter. But her troubles are far from over.

-With her job on the line, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) proves her worth by demonstrating some crazy math skills. But something tells us Fisher (John Hodgman) isn't going anywhere, and Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) should probably watch her back as well.

-Fisher announces that his office is opening up an investigation into David's death, which will certainly raise some red flags about all the corners that have been cut in order to make Jane an unofficial member of the team.

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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