Soon you'll allegedly be able to choose whether an episode of Black Mirror has a bleak ending or an even bleaker ending. Bloomberg reports that Netflix is readying interactive television shows, including a choose-your-own-adventure episode of the acclaimed sci-fi anthology series.

Netflix already has experimented with choose-your-own-adventure children's TV, including an animated special last year called Puss in Book where viewers could decide where the character Puss in Boots went next. But the Black Mirror episode will reportedly be the streamer's first experiment in live-action, grown-up interactive TV. Black Mirror is a fitting choice to test out the capability, as it's concerned with the implications of technology. It will presumably be some kind of dark thing about the illusion of control.

According to Bloomberg, the Black Mirror episode will be the first of several live-action interactive experiments. A deal has been closed on one project and others are in negotiations. Two of the projects are adaptations of video games.

Black Mirror Season 5 is expected in December.