Black Lightning just gave us the father-daughter scene we've been desperate for all season, but it didn't go at all like we expected.

Ever since Anissa (Nafessa Williams) learned she has superpowers, we've been waiting and waiting and waiting to see how and when she'd reveal that secret to her parents. Even more importantly, we've wondered how they would reveal that Jefferson (Cress Williams) is actually Black Lightning.

Maybe it's naive, but we kind of figured it would be a touching family moment. Not an ultra-violent case of mistaken identity.

After Lynn (Christine Adams) was targeted for her research into Green Light, Jefferson and Anissa both came to her rescue — they just didn't coordinate their rescue attempts. After Anissa chased off the guys tying Lynn up, Jefferson walked in to find a masked girl seemingly holding his wife hostage. He reacted on instinct, attacking his wife's "assailant."

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The result was an epic, super-powered daddy-daughter smackdown that had us cheering and cringing at the same time. Anissa threw her dad around the room like a rag doll, and in return, Jefferson accidentally fried his baby girl into unconsciousness. If only someone could have taken the tape off of Lynn's mouth while this showdown was happening!

Fortunately, Anissa is pretty indestructible and Jefferson wasn't aiming to kill, so most of the damage was superficial. Still, he's got to feel pretty guilty about accidentally beating up his daughter. Here's hoping she quick to forgive him once she realizes her dad is actually Black Lightning!

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Cress Williams,<em> Black Lightning</em>Cress Williams, Black Lightning