Whrere In The World Is Matt Lauer? Whrere In The World Is Matt Lauer?

During the week of November 7, Today coanchor Matt Lauer will pack his bag and refill his Ambien prescription as he jets off for the 10th edition of "Where in the World Is Matt Lauer?" He explains why this jaunt to five far-flung locations in five days might be his last.

TV Guide Magazine: Is this really going to be the swan song for "Where in the World?"
Lauer: I think it could be. Ten is a nice round number. You never say never. It becomes more difficult on me each time. I think I was 39 when I first did one of these and I'm 53 now. I don't recover from jet lag as well as I used to. It's harder in terms of coming up with "wow" locations. We want this always to be something that people are stunned by and excited by. We've done 46 locations, and it will be 51 after this year. That's a lot.

TV Guide Magazine: Has it become too expensive?
Lauer: In terms of the economics of the show, it does very well. A lot of people line up to sponsor it. Yes, it's expensive and it takes a lot of resources. But it's always paid off in the past.

TV Guide Magazine: ABC's Good Morning America has been touting its ratings gains. Does that put added pressure on this trip?
Lauer: No. There's pressure on me every day. There's no pressure on me to do "Where in the World?" I put the pressure on myself whether the gap is X or it's X times two. So it's something you live with in
this business we're in.

TV Guide Magazine: Can you give us one clue about where you're going?
Lauer: One of the days will take me to a location that absolutely captured my imagination when I flew over it in a previous "Where in the World?" I made a mental note, and I'm going there this time.

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