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Bill Nye Joins Blindspot as [Spoiler's] Father!

OK, this actually makes a lot of sense

Tim Surette

Since it first showed a tattooed woman crawling out of a duffle bag in Times Square, Blindspot has shifted gears and embraced its goofy side a lot more. How else would you explain Rich Dot Com (Ennis Esmer) and a flamethrower?

But this new casting announcement may take the cake for the show's newfound silliness while also being totally accurate when you step back and think about it. TV Guide has learned that Bill Nye (the Science Guy) will guest star on a future episode of Blindspot as himself. The reach catch here? He'll be playing Patterson's (Ashley Johnson) dad!

Yep, Patterson's dad is the Bill Nye the Science Guy. Given Patterson's affinity for science and technology, it's not surprising that her father would be one of the world's most famous science dudes. But if Nye is playing himself, why didn't Patterson ever mention this before? Prior to this, we had heard her dad was a pilot, but leaving out the detail that her dad is a TV star seems a little suspect.

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Nye is best known as the host of PBS' Bill Nye the Science Guy and is currently hosting Netflix's Bill Nye Saves the World.

Blindspot airs Friday nights at 8/7c on NBC.