Mozziz Mozziz

Mozziz "Coach Mo" Dewalt didn't have it easy on the Biggest Loser ranch. The 56-year-old was taken to the hospital after the first challenge — to run a mile — and then was partnered up with Tracey, who has been dubbed as this season's villain.

In week 4, the contestants were split into two teams: the Bob-lead Blue team versus the Jillian-lead Black team. During a temptation challenge, Tracey won the power to decide which player would train on what team and after losing their first weigh-in as Blue, Mo, Tracey and their teammates were up for elimination. Viewers were shocked when Mo stood up and said he deserved to go home — and his teammates listened.

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So did Mo, who entered the ranch at 355 pounds, feel the same way about Tracey as his competitors did? Like on the ranch, today Mo still backs her up. "Tracey wasn't really like that; she was just in a bad place with the hospital thing and not being able to work out. She just wanted to stay and experience the ranch," Mo told reporters. "Everyone was playing the game ... I think she acted appropriately the majority of the time."

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Coach Mo also was "extremely satisfied" with Tracey's decision to keep the two of them on the same side. He thought that because of his injuries, Tracey might want only the strongest players on her team — "but I thought we were close enough that she'd want to keep her with me."

The youth mentor also preferred to train with Bob, he said, adding: "Bob and I had connected so I really felt comfortable being with him; it was the perfect choice for me."

So far, Coach Mo has lost more than 75 pounds.