Big Love
There comes a point in every new series, one hopes, where it moves from showing potential to actually getting interesting, when you click over from merely being intrigued to feeling something (good or bad) for the characters. I think Big Love hit that mark this week, as we began to see these people fleshed out: Margene as a basically lovable but naive kid, Barbara as a caring person with a bit of a guilty side, and Nicki as a loathsome spendthrift whom I've hated from Day 1. Seeing her prepare for poor little Wayne's party (which was, of course, all about her, not the kid), certainly didn't make me like her any

more. (Saddest moment: Wayne asking Barbara if his mother invited any children to his party. Well, that and Rhonda remembering what it was like to be a kid when talking to Sarah.) Anyway, the more interesting questions we have to ask after this week include why Roman had to help Bill out because of Barbara, what kind of creepiness is going on between Roman and Nicki, what's the deal with Joe's feelings for Barbara, and my own personal big question, why the hell would Bill and his wives think any new neighbors wouldn't quickly figure out something fishy's going on in their houses?

Oh, and I just got the joke in the name of Bill's store, Henderson Home Plus. Yes, I can be a little slow that way.