Renny Martyn, <EM>Big Brother 10</EM> Renny Martyn, Big Brother 10

Between her multiple wigs and boas as vibrant as her personality, Renny Martyn definitely brought plenty of color to the Big Brother house this season. Her antics kept us (and her fellow houseguests) entertained, but her charm was ultimately seen as her biggest threat, causing the other players to evict her rather than possibly sitting beside her at the end. We chatted with Renny about her feelings toward Memphis, her sleepwalking and whether her not her many wigs symbolize her multiple personalities. That was maybe the most gracious Big Brother exit we've seen. How are you feeling now? Still no hard feelings?
Renny Martyn: I'm feeling wonderful, really good. As much as I a hate not still being there, I'm glad to see the world again. I don't have any hard feelings. I don't blame them for not wanting to take me to the end — they probably wouldn't have won. [Laughs] I didn't make that many enemies. Did you feel that an advantage like that would eventually catch up with you?
The other houseguests kept telling me I probably wouldn't make it to the end because I'm too well-liked. You don't want to be sitting beside a person like that at the end because you're not going to win the big money. So, it's really not shocking. To keep going, I needed to win, and I didn't. Of the people in your four-person alliance, you never trusted Memphis. Do you think that made you an outsider in that group?
Renny: You can't trust too many people in this game. He's moved a long because of Keesha, and she and I are one of the reasons he's still there. It was one of my votes that kept him in the house. I said from Day 1 that he had shifty eyes, and he's the hungriest for the money, believe me. Keesha and I had a strong bond in the house, and we were friends. However, she aligned herself with Memphis early on and then took Dan in. So they definitely had an alliance, and maybe that did make me an outsider. They didn't think I could see it, but I could. Will you still try to keep a relationship with Keesha outside the house?
Renny: I really do like Keesha, and if that's meant to be, it will happen. You and Jerry were the two older houseguests, but you managed to buddy up with the younger crowd…
Renny: He's been walking around the house pretty much alone, and that's because there's no comparison between Jerry's personality and mine. He's boring and I'm not. [Laughs] You definitely have personality, especially with that wig collection. How many did you bring into the house?
Renny: I brought four wigs into the house, but I only wore one of the some of the time. I thought I would need more, but I guess I didn't need them for any extra excitement. Does each wig represent a different Renny?
Renny: When you put on a wig, it is kind of like you're a different person. But most of the time it's really Renny underneath. All of the antics and shenanigans — that's me, baby. I was trying to get in with the crowd, and I guess it worked. Did those shenanigans include your sleepwalking?
Renny: Honey, that was all for show. If I'm a sleepwalker I'm going straight to the refrigerator. [Laughs] Well you did grab a candy bar…
Renny: Yeah, but that was already in the room. I left it on the dresser, and got up to bring it to bed. We saw Dan pranking and teasing you. Did you pull any pranks on him that we didn't see?
Renny: I pulled the shower door open on him one time. He was very modest. [Laughs] In fact, I was the only houseguest who won HOH that wouldn't let him use my bathroom. He was constantly asking everyone else to use that bathroom, and I said no. He was a strange person. I like him, but he's got some quirks. I mean, we all do, but I would never ask to use somebody else's bathroom. But he had something up his sleeve, I guess. After spending a week where your with all your friends, now you're heading to the jury house with a lot of former enemies. Any concerns?
Renny: I'm looking forward to it. They're all nice people, really, so it's not going to bother me in the least. I'm still part of the show, and I'll still be Renny there. I'm not going to get into a lot of silly immature things with them. Speaking of immature, one of the first fights of the season was between you and Jessie. Did you guys ever bury the hatchet?
Renny: Actually, Jessie started to begin to like me. I'm not sure if that came across on TV, but he actually took a turn and started to appreciate my personality. So it was better before he left the house, absolutely. So who do you think is going to take the money?
Renny: I definitely don't know who will be in the end. I want to say Memphis will probably be one of them, but you never know. It's a stroke of luck at this point. Whoever wins HOH and the POV are very powerful. So I don't know, other than to say it will be two of those four. [Laughs]

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