Scott gave up his game for Alex on Big Brother: Over the Top last week, but she followed him out the door seven days later.

Her fate was sealed after Jason won the Veto, which led to the Ball Smashers making a last-ditch effort to get him to save Alex. And they gullibly fell for his faux final five deal. "That was a tough one to swallow. Once Jason won the Veto, I knew that I was definitely going home unless I talk to him or made something happen," Alex tells "We had no choice but to trust him with it."

But that move allowed Alex to call the Late Night Jamboree "hypocridiots" during her botched eviction speech, so really, we're all winners here.

See what Alex had to say about her eviction, why she and Morgan told Shelby their sister secret and more.

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Are you jealous that you messed up your speech and Morgan nailed hers?
[Laughs] Oh, my God! My speech! Honestly, it's very fitting of our personalities. I am the awkward-at-life girl. When I first interviewed for the show, I'm pretty sure I had lipstick over my teeth by accident in my video. It's very natural that I would completely screw up my speech at the last second and Morgan killed it. It worked for our personalities, so I don't think I would change anything about it actually.

At least you got to say "hypocridiots."
I did, I did. That was a win. I'm pretty sure no one had any idea what I was talking about. ... That was something me and Shelby made up in the house for the other side because it fit their personalities very well.

Did you guys really buy Jason's final five deal?
Oh, gosh. That was a tough one to swallow. Once Jason won the Veto, I knew that I was definitely going home unless I talk to him or made something happen. My back was up against the wall. I knew I had nothing to lose at this point. Strategically, we came up with the best plan possible that we could think of and approached him with it. We had no choice but to trust him with it. I think at the beginning he may have been considering it, but obviously we fell for his scheme. And that's the game, you know? I didn't really have a choice. It was either roll over and die or try to pull out one last move, and I tried.

What was going through your mind as he was giving his speech during the Veto ceremony?
Ugh! I just wanted to leap up there and scream at him! It's hard to keep it on control. You just want to speak your mind even though at the end of the day you know he's going to retaliate and yell even louder over you. It was a situation where it best to keep it in and keep your poker face on and let him speak, so that's exactly what I did.

He thought you were the biggest threat in the house and I do think he respects your game. Is that somewhat of a consolation?
Yeah, that's something I really appreciate. It feels good coming out of this to know I did play a good game that people are respecting. That was one thing I really wanted to do coming into the house. I really wanted to play a game that people remembered. I'm just flattered that Jason said those things to me.

And you left pretty classily. You said, "No hard feelings." Did you mean that?
You know, it's hard. I wanted to stay strong for my sister. That was my main thing for acting very OK and happy and at peace with it. It wasn't a blindside, so I was prepared. ... I just wanted to really put on a positive face because I knew my sister has a really tough road ahead of her. ... I know she's still in there. I'm so happy! I was just really hoping she wouldn't be [evicted] after me [in the double eviction].

Where do you stand with Whitney now? She flipped on the Ball Smashers, but she's also out now.
Yeah, I found out she went out right after me and I cannot imagine how emotional that was. I have no hard feelings with that girl. We kind of cleared the air before I left the house, saying we would be friends after this. When you're in this game, you're going to do things to people that you wouldn't necessarily do outside of the house, so I think we both understand that. This was strictly game and nothing personal, so no hard feelings toward her whatsoever.

I loved when you guys overheard her saying, "Let's have a celebratory dinner" to Justin.
[Laughs] We finally had the physical — or verbal, I guess — evidence that we had been searching for for weeks that she had flipped. I'm pretty sure our jaws all dropped. We probably had the craziest looks on our faces. I mean, it was something we had been suspecting, but it was nice having confirmation that this girl was not on our side anymore.

As a former gymnast, how did you not win the balance beam Veto?
OK, so coming out into that comp, it looked like a balance beam comp, but that was not a balance beam comp at all. That was a "figure out how to balance these balls in this weird tube" challenge. [Laughs] Everyone was so shocked I didn't win, but the thing is, I don't think anyone fell off the beam. That was a crazy challenge. Props to Jason for pulling that one off. But it kills me that Shelby came so close.

Yeah, she might have won had she not jumped off the beam. A lot of people just had brain farts and ran back on the grass.
Yeah, ugh. That one was a tough one to swallow. I still haven't gotten over that challenge yet.

Alex and Morgan, Big Brother: Over the TopAlex and Morgan, Big Brother: Over the Top

You and Morgan told Shelby you're sisters this week. Why did you decide that was the right time?
We knew that one of us was going home and it was a 90 percent chance it was going to be me. Shelby was the one person in the house who had my back no matter what. When she shared her secret [that she's a lawyer] with me, I was like, "I have nothing to lose at this point." And we honestly had the most fun day just talking about it. It was a nice last day in the house that I will remember. No regrets on that.

You're gone now, so it'll be harder, theoretically, for them to figure it out, but do you think Morgan can keep it under wraps until the end?
As long as Morgan zips her lips, we should be fine. I don't think Shelby will say anything because she knows that we're protecting her secret as well, so I think we'll be OK. Fingers crossed on that one.

Scott gave up his game for you last week. How does that make you feel? He was willing to go home to ensure that you go further and possibly win.
Oh, my gosh, Scott! That was so crazy! I wasn't expecting anyone to do that for me in this game. I really do appreciate him as a friend and the amount of loyalty he showed to me when I wasn't expecting it. It was hard. ... Because he was up against my sister last week, I had to let him go and I feel absolutely terrible about that.

You wouldn't have voted him out had Morgan not been there?
Yeah, I probably would've tried to pull something out and see if I could shake up the game and keep him around. At the time, he was much more loyal to me than Whitney was, so it made much more sense to keep him over her, but it clearly didn't happen.

You told Julie [Chen] that you and Morgan got really close inside, so what do you think your relationship will be like once this is all over?
I am so excited to talk to Morgan outside of this house. We live such separate lives and to have this experience together and live together for 43 days or something, I think we will have things to talk about together forever. I really look forward to meeting up with her and rehashing everything that happened and laughing about it.

You had some close calls exposing your secret in there. Was there one that you felt was the worst?
Yes, on Halloween, I asked her to do my makeup because she was doing everyone else's makeup and when you're in the house and have nothing to do, doing makeup is very important. She did my makeup very fast and proceeded to do Danielle's really wonderfully and I remember just kind of getting really tense with her and getting mad that she wouldn't help me with my makeup. This sounds so stupid now that I'm talking about it. [Laughs] And I remember Scott was in there, and me and Morgan were bickering a little bit, and Scott, I felt like, was picking up on the fact that we were mad at each other. So I think we came pretty close to him being suspicious that something else was going on.

He had no idea. No one had any idea. I was thinking of the first or second day when you guys were unpacking and you called her "Mo."
Oh, yes! I called Morgan "Mo"! That was bad!

And Shelby was like, "Aw, you guys already have nicknames."
Yes! [Laughs] Thank God it was Shelby because I don't think Shelby was in game mode at that time and she didn't really think much about it. I remember when I said that, I froze. It was a lesson though. It really made me aware that I need to zip my lips in this house.

Who do you think is playing the best game?
I obviously want my sister to win, but if I can't pick her, I think Jason is completely running his side of the house. Me and him were going head to head all season, and he finally got me out. While he may be lying a lot in this game, I think that he's running his people and he deserves to win out of all four of them.

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