Big Brother
is back!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! So looking forward to this, and I'm with all the giggling female houseguests who were grooving on his longer hair. I have to admit I had a moment of nervousness when K and Eric were standing outside the door. I honestly thought it could go either way. But apparently 82 percent of Americans watching

Big Brother agree that K is the man. I was hoping that he'd get a bye this week, or a free HOH week, or something... but he was thrown right into the "pressure cooker" with everyone else. I did feel (momentarily) a little bit sorry for Eric and Michael, who've also been sequestered solo for the last couple of weeks, though if I had the choice between being by myself or having to listen to Ivette's and April's constant chatter, I just might pick the lonely silence. Does Kaysar's return mean that I don't have to hear about Cappy for a while? Please? Meanwhile, James is ticked off at everyone for voting out his girlfriend, Sarah. If he wins HOH, all the hamsters better be scared. And speaking of that HOH competition, when I checked  the live-feed message boards this morning, that contest was still in progress, more than eight hours later. That's determination or something.  Angel Cohn