Jase Wirey, <EM>Big Brother: All-Stars</EM> Jase Wirey, Big Brother: All-Stars
Since Big Brother 5, Jase Wirey has settled down with his girlfriend Heidi (not the annoying Holly who he had a "showmance" with in the house) and has become a father figure to Heidi's daughter, Caleigh. Pretty impressive changes for the wild and crazy leader of the Four Horsemen alliance. But not everything has changed for the Big Brother 7 all-star — there was still the mandanna, his obsession with the man in the mirror, and his wild temper. TVGuide.com caught up with the new Jase to ask him about his recent stay in the BB house and about his unanimous eviction. Turns out he is a man of few words.

TVGuide.com: Good morning. You sound tired.
Jase: I'm not too thrilled about all this.
TVGuide.com: You seemed to hint that you'd be back — do you know something we don't?
Jase: I can't confirm or deny that.
TVGuide.com: Do you have a suspicion?
Jase: I can't talk about that.
TVGuide.com: Did you get to talk to Heidi and Caleigh?
Jase: Yes.
TVGuide.com: What did they think of the whole thing?
Jase: They are just ready for me to come home.
TVGuide.com: It has to be hard to be away from them.
Jase: It was horrible. I hated it.
TVGuide.com: You seemed so emotional about them....
Jase: I was. Right now I'm just kind of pissed off because I'm reading all this bullshit on the Internet.
TVGuide.com: Why did you go back into the house?
Jase: Cash.
TVGuide.com: What was up with the Survivor comments to Julie?
Jase: I just would do better on Survivor. I'd win my tribe food and they would dig that. I would win contests and it would help. In Big Brother, if you win it hurts you. It is better to be a fly on the wall — like Erika, who you don't even know is on the show.
TVGuide.com: Had you tried out for Survivor?
Jase: No.
TVGuide.com: Were you hesitant about signing up for this experience again?
Jase: Absolutely. If Holly was going to be in the house, I wasn't going to do it.
TVGuide.com: Were you surprised at all that Danielle and Diane voted against you?
Jase: No, because once it gets to the point where you know how everyone is voting, you don’t want to be the couple of remaining votes because you get the finger pointed at you.
TVGuide.com: Do you think they changed their votes because you announced the deal you made with Season 6 that would evict them?
Jase: I don't know. I'm trying to digest it all.
TVGuide.com: Why did you freak out against Marcellas specifically when you heard you were being nominated?
Jase:. I knew if I worked Marcellas a little bit he would totally cave. He told Season 6 that they needed to be broken up. I was hoping I could flip James at the last minute.
TVGuide.com: It didn't necessarily seem like it was James' decision. You weren't really his first choice.
Jase: No. It was other people in the alliance. I get that now.
TVGuide.com: If the head-shaving part of the veto challenge had come earlier, would you have done it?
Jase: I absolutely would have shaved my head. I'm not going to give up the veto when I'm going to need it the next week, so I quit before the head shaving. But I'm not going to give up the veto to someone else. 
TVGuide.com: Even though you spend all that time on you hair, you really would have shaved it?
Jase: Actually, shaving my head would almost be like a relief. I wouldn't have to spend so much time on it. But in the military, I had my head shaved like completely bald four times. I look hot with a shaved head, too.
TVGuide.com: Is there anyone you are rooting for?
Jase: I totally do not care at all. I don’t give a rat's ass. I'm rooting for Cowboy.
TVGuide.com: I think that's a long shot since he's not even on this season.
Jase: I don't know, I think they might bring him back.
TVGuide.com: Why did you only want Danielle and Diane to walk you to the door?
Jase: Because I hate the phony bullshit where everybody gives each other these fake-ass hugs and all this stuff that is a bunch of crap.
TVGuide.com: Anything you want to say to the people out there writing nasty things?
Jase: To all the Internet nerds who want to watch the live feeds 24/7 and comment on people's lives, get a life. Turn off your computer, look at your own life, and evaluate yourself. Because if you want to sit there and blog about other people's lives for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you need therapy. Commenting on every word that people say in the house… please, you've got voyeuristic tendencies that have gone beyond. Shut off the computer and go outside and get yourself some sunshine. Get out of your parents' basement, and that's it.