Get ready to snuggle up with a nice fire, some hot cocoa, and a whole lot of house drama this winter. Big Brother host Julie Chen announced Thursday night that CBS will be airing a celebrity edition of the show this winter in 2018.

As far as which celebs are volunteering to get locked in a house together, don't expect a cast full of Oscar winners, says Chen. Most likely, it will be something along the lines of Dancing with the Stars; names you probably recognize, but not celebs who are breaking box office records.

"We had toyed with [Big Brother Celebrity Edition] dating back to Season 2," Chen told The Hollywood Reporter of the origins of this spinoff series. "Paris Hilton agreed to do it and Roseanne Barr also said she was going to and then she backed out. It didn't come together, and I'm glad it didn't so early on into the series."

A celebrity version of the reality show has appeared in overseas editions, but never in the United States' Big Brother. Now that Big Brother has established itself as a nationwide phenomenon and a ratings hit for the summer months, it's only natural that a celebrity edition be put to the test.

Will you be tuning in to watch celebs go under surveillance this winter?

Julie Chen, <em>Big Brother</em>Julie Chen, Big Brother