Annie, <i>Big Brother 12</i> Annie, Big Brother 12

Little did the Big Brother 12 houseguests know that when they were eliminating the first contestant of the summer, they were also ridding themselves of the pesky Saboteur! TV Guide Magazine caught up via email with Annie Whittington, the 27-year-old bartender from Tampa, Fla., who, despite her eviction, is still being sequestered from the outside world. Does this mean the saboteur — or another banished houseguest — could return to the game later this season? Annie dishes about her questionable strategy and acts of sabotage she wishes she had performed. Plus: See which roommate she describes as "pathetic."

Which personality traits helped you fly under the radar as the saboteur?
Annie: The ability to engage in conversations about the Saboteur. It was natural for me, and I never let it show on my face. But inside I was laughing hysterically.

Even though the Saboteur wasn't there to win the game, did you ever have an overwhelming urge to play to win?
Annie: Yes, there was that urge in the back of my head. But I knew that I was the twist, and I wanted to let all the fans know that I cared about that and took it seriously. And that I could pull off whatever they sent to me. But the competitive side of me just wanted to play the game.

Now that you're evicted, what do you think was your biggest blunder in your game play?
Annie: I was my normal self way too much. And trusting Brendon. When [Brendon and Rachel] went on the block and I was consoling him, I immediately put a target on my back. And I was only doing it as a good friend who felt sorry for him, but everyone else thought I had an alliance with them. I was not myself for the last four days.

Did you ever fear that the contestants would call you out on being the Saboteur? Were there any close calls in the house where you were sure you'd been caught?
Annie: I thought about it every second of every day and I was concerned people would call me out on it. I was always fearful that I would get caught. Hayden was obsessed with watching the monitor in the HOH room, so when I was putting tape on the pictures I was panicked big time.

With Brendon and Rachel clearly alienated from the rest of the group, why didn't you try to gain the support of any other alliances in order to ensure your safety?
Annie: I did. ... I talked to everyone. I flat out told them that I would be willing to cut a deal with anyone. I went to everybody to make a deal, but it didn't work out. To keep those two people in the house who are in an alliance together — and who are strong — is crazy.

Is there an act of sabotage you wish you could have stayed around to perform?
Annie: So many. ... I loved idea of messing with people's things. I wanted to dump tons of detergent in the washing machines or throw away all the girls' makeup. I wanted to pull more pranks. I loved watching the Houseguests squirm when the Saboteur messages would pop up, and I wanted to do more of those.

Who will you keep in touch with in the house? Who would you like to never see again and why?
Annie: [I'd] love to keep in touch with Lane, as he's my teddy bear inside a hillbilly body. Kathy was like a second mom to me as well. I never want to see Rachel again. She is pathetic. Britney is a negative person who makes fun of people, and her personality is disgusting and insulting. I don't need to see her anymore either. I valued Brendon as a friend, but now I don't know if I can look at him the same way.

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