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The Big Brother 20 Cast Reveals Which Vets They Hope Return

...and which they don't

Sadie Gennis

For the past two seasons of Big Brother, at least one vet has returned each summer to shake up the game. And since this year is the milestone 20th season, the latest crop of houseguests is fully prepared to be thrown into the BB house with one (or more!) veteran players. Given that there are 16 announced houseguests, some of this summer's players even speculate to TV Guide that there may be as many as four vets joining the competition this season (Season 20, 20 houseguests. Get it?).

If most of the Season 20 cast had their say, no vets would return, but that doesn't mean they don't hold strong opinions on which houseguests they think deserve another chance. Here's who the 16 new houseguests said they'd most want to see back in the game.

​Dan Gheesling, Will Kirby and Derrick Lavasseur, Big Brother

Dan Gheesling, Will Kirby and Derrick Levasseur

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Living Legends

Easily the most popular pick among the cast was Season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur. With Derrick being known for never once being put on the block, many Season 20 cast members would like to see what his strategy would be if he got the chance to play again. "Everyone knows what his job is now and he would have to work a totally different angle," Angie "Rockstar" Lantry told TV Guide. "He played a flawless game. He never got put on the block once. And I would like to see now how everyone's knowledge of who he is [would change how] he would run in the house."

Tyler Crispen, on the other hand, had a different reason for hoping Derrick would return. "I would love for Derrick to show up so I could be Cody 2.0 to him," Tyler explained, referencing Derrick's ride-or-die ally Cody Calafiore. "But I would cut him at the end, unlike Cody."

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Unsurprisingly, other popular picks included Chilltown, aka Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, Ian Terry and Dan Gheesling, who famously held a funeral for himself in a successful Hail Mary pass to save himself from eviction. "I would love to play against Dan even though he's really intense and crazy and had a funeral and he's nutty. But I think he's an excellent gamer," Steve Arienta said, adding that he'd also love the opportunity to play with Evel Dick. "I know how nasty he can get, but I can utilize it to my advantage."

And Steve wasn't the only one to come up with this idea. "I think I could take Evel Dick and turn him into a pile of sugar," Sam Blesdoe said. I could melt any heart. Evel Dick would be helpful against my charms.

​Pao Pao, Chicken George, Jerry MacDonald, Big Brother

Pao Pao, Chicken George, Jerry MacDonald

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The motto of Big Brother is to expect the unexpected, so it seems fitting than several Season 20 houseguests shared some seriously unpredictable picks. "I want it to be a true social experiment, so I would like to meet Jerry [MacDonald], the [75]-year-old man from Season [10]," Sam said.

"My favorite of all time is [Season 1 and Season 7 player] Chicken George. So if I see Chicken George, I would be super, super stoked," Scottie Salton added. "One, because he's not beaten anybody in any competitions. Two, because he's my favorite. And three, because I don't have to really worry about him."

This idea of picking a player that wouldn't be a threat was echoed by Brett Robinson, who said he'd love to see Season 16's Pao Pao. "Nice girl, but I wouldn't see her as a threat. I don't want anyone walking in that has been a previous threat before," Brett said.

​Cody Nickson, Victor Arroyo, Vanessa Rousso, Big Brother

Cody Nickson, Victor Arroyo, Vanessa Rousso

Bill Inoshita/CBS, Monty Brinton/CBS, Sonja Flemming/CBS

Recent Stand-Outs

Blame it on recency bias, but a lot of houseguests also are keeping their fingers crossed for several houseguests from the past four seasons, including -- oddly enough -- Vanessa Rousso.

"I'd love to have Vanessa back in the house because the thing with Vanessa was she was actually very loyal," Chris "Swaggy C" Williams explained. "She won competitions and she played the game and people had a problem with that. What I mean by played the game is that even when you're sleeping, she's thinking, she's plotting, she's strategizing and people had a problem with that."

Faysal Shafaat said that he's hoping for Season 18 vet Victor Arroyo to return so that they could create a new power alliance. ("I feel like I could relate to him, you know," he mused.) Meanwhile, Angela Rummans said she'd love the chance to align with Season 16 player Donny Thompson. "He was such a sweetheart and I want to align myself with someone who no one would anticipate me being in an alliance with and I feel like Donnie's that person," Angela said.

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Regarding houseguests from Season 19, Kaitlyn Herman put in a call for Kevin Schlehuber ("I love an older man who is such an uncle figure"), while Kaycee Clark said she'd love to see lovebirds and anti-heroes Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, who just competed on and won The Amazing Race.

But there is one person from Season 19 that no one wants to see walk through the doors to the Big Brother house again: Paul Abrahamian.

"I feel like as long as they don't bring back Paul, I'm super happy," said JC Monduix. "I think he's an amazing player, I don't think his social game was that on point because he would have won... But please, not a third time."

"That'd be kind of nonsense," added Faysal.

"If he pops out of a suitcase, I'll probably get thrown out for throwing a punch Day 1," Winston Hines joked.

Big Brother 20 premieres Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS. Get to know the newest cast of houseguests in the gallery below!

Additional reporting by Megan Vick.

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