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Big Brother 20 Bozo Is Still Being a Bozo

What did JC Monduix do this time?

Tim Surette

Big Brother 20 continues to barrel down the path of one of the most controversial seasons ever, as it turns out that people these days shouldn't have a camera on them almost every minute of every day. This season has seen two contestants use the n-word on the CBS reality show's live feeds, and accusations of sexual harassment after one person got a little too close to another's privates with... an ice cream scooper.

JC Monduix, who was involved in both incidents, was back at it again in the live feeds when he was called out for misusing the term #MeToo. The 28-year-old dancer flippantly used the term when discussing hickeys.

"That's not funny, JC, you can't joke about that," contestants Haleigh and Rockstar said to him.

In the clip, Monduix appears to not totally understand the importance of the term, which was created to bring awareness to sexual harassment.

"That's why when people touch me I'm like #MeToo," Monduix says with a smile.

"No, because you're not being serious," he's told.

"Definitely," Monduix agrees.

Hey, at least he seemed to come away from the conversation with a little more understanding of why he was being a bozo, though we won't pretend that that clears him.

Previously, Monduix was caught saying the n-word when he rattled off a bunch of offensive terms while trying to explain why "midget" was a derogatory word. He also was accused of sexual harassment when he cupped another housemate's crotch and pushed an ice cream scooper wayyyyy too close to another's vagina while saying "open up your vagina."

Big Brother 20 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c on and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.