James may have been America's Favorite Player on his first season, but on Big Brother 18 he may be one of the worst players. During the HOH competition, James — who has never lost a wall comp — decided to make a deal with Nicole so that she could get a letter from her family. And while Nicole stuck to her agreement to keep James and Nat off the block, the choice will likely cost Jatalie their only other ally in the house.

So who won the eleventh week in the Big Brother house? Check out our power rankings below. (For previous rankings: Week 10, Week 9)

Nicole: Nicole came out as a major player this week, positioning herself as a top contender to make it to the finals. She not only manipulated James into giving her the HOH, but she also won the veto comp all on her own. However, using her power to get out Michelle isn't the best move in the long-term. Sure, Meech is gunning for Nicole, but the Paul-Victor and James-Natalie alliances are way bigger threats than a wildcard solo player. And who's to say Nicole couldn't have won Michelle to her side similar to the way Bridgette did earlier this season?
Grade: 8 (Season average: 5.1)

Victor: Is anyone surprised the Battle Back champion battled his way back into the house again? The only truly shocking thing about Vic's return is that after proving once agin just how strong of a competitor he is, Vic managed to keep himself off the block and forge a new alliance with Nicole and Corey.
Grade: 7.5 (Season average: 4.9)

Paul: As long as Paul keeps his mouth shut and doesn't ruffle anyone's (Nicole's) feathers, he's going to be safe this week. That being said, it was an idiotic move to suggest he go up as a pawn only to later try to convince Nicole to take him down. The risk might have paid off this time, but he needs to be a bit more cautious moving forward.
Grade: 6 (Season average: 6.3)

Natalie: James kind of screwed Natalie this week by throwing the HOH comp when she couldn't even play. However, she's still in a much better position than him since most of the other houseguests view James as a bigger threat and therefore aren't out for Nat just yet.
Grade: 3.5 (Season average: 6.1)

Corey: Who voted for Corey to receive America's Care Package? Seriously. Please raise your hand and explain yourself, because it makes no sense. Corey is so daft that he wanted to use his five thousand dollar bribe to make the other houseguests do stupid things instead of use it for a game move. But we do have to give him credit for throwing the POV comp to Nicole, even if in the moment the move made him look as though there were a few too many lights out in his Christmas tree.Grade: 2 (Season average: 3.9)

Michelle: Michelle isn't blind. She suspects she might be the target this week despite James' insistence to the contrary. But even with that nagging worry, Meech hasn't tried going to Nicole to plead her case. If you're going to go down, at least go down swinging.
Grade: 2.5 (Season average: 4.7)

James: James, the king of making and breaking deals, made a deal with Nicole and threw the HOH comp to her. And while he and Natalie did manage to stay off the block this week, that wasn't the end of James' dumb-dumb decisions. Despite evidence to the contrary, James remains so confident that Nicorey will stick to their final four deal with Jatalie that he isn't doing any work to secure the alliance, practically paving the way for his own blindside.
Grade: 1 (Season average: 5.7)

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