Now that Jozea is gone, the delusional in the Big Brother 18 house is at a minimum, but there's still plenty of idiocy (ahem, Victor) and major WTFness (psychopath, thy name is Michelle) going on. Here are the nine most ridiculous moments on Week 3.

Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Who won Week 3?

1. When Victor couldn't buy a clue even though Paul dropped about 203 of them.

2. ... but then fell for Paulwisely playing dumb.

3. Do you even go here, Corey?

4. When Michelle revealed that she once created a Facebook page for her fake boyfriend and went balls out (this is the real guy whose photos she used)

5. When Big Brother went back in time.

6. When Bronte needed Jersey Shore explained to her.

7. When Corey was a true Belieber.

8. When Victor cried over Jozea.

9. When Tiffany spectacularly dragged Frank.

10. When the only thing creepier than Corey watching Frank shower was learning that it's not the first time he's done it.

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