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5 Power Season 6 Theories That Seem Totally Legit

No way these characters make it out of this alive

Malcolm Venable

As it stands now on Power, James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) are at war and allies are congealing on either side. Actually, that makes it sound like Ghost has allies, which is hardly the case: Angela's sister Paz (Elizabeth Rodriguez) wants James locked up; Keisha (La La Anthony) has already pledged her loyalty to whatever Tommy sees fit to do; and even Ghost's wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) seem to believe that life would be better off without him around.

Power still has a handful of episodes to go before we get to Episode 8, which creator Courtney Kemp promises will snatch everyone's wig, and an even longer ride to figure out how the series concludes in 2020. In the meantime, we're all stuck guessing how the chess pieces will move and fall, anxious to see how Power's players gain more leverage... or more coupons guaranteeing their own death. Theories about what's going to happen this season abound; here are five of the best guesses about how Season 6 will shake out.

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1. Tasha comes out on top in the end.
One prettysolidtheory from Reddit user u/l_lexi proposes that Tasha wins this game -- a hypothesis that has some legs. So far in Season 6, Tasha has already started divorce proceedings -- unthinkable until now -- and has hinted that if Ghost were dead, she'd be in a better financial position as his widow than his ex-wife. In the first episode of the season, she was more upset with Tommy for taking a shot at Ghost without telling her than she was at the actual attempt. For several seasons now, Tasha has proven over and over again she's able to compartmentalize her emotions about her lying, cheating, murdering husband, choosing to make strategic moves instead of rash decisions. For the duration of the series, she's been the one who wanted to stay in the drug game, not Ghost, and Lord knows she's not going to get used to that humble apartment she's moved into; Tasha intends to maintain a lifestyle, with Ghost or without. Finally, while there's no word yet on who Mary J. Blige will play in the first Power spin-off, she's likely someone important. Could Tasha be the head of a female-led crime syndicate? It would totally make sense.

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2. Tariq will betray Tommy for his father
A second theory from u/l_lexi poses that badass Tariq will flip on his beloved uncle Tommy to back his dad. This is unusual, but it makes sense for one key reason: Power loves to shock its fans. Right now, it's not a controversial idea at all that Tariq would do anything to see Ghost suffer; Tariq has been hating his dad for several seasons now, and he's lied to his father to protect Tommy and Kanan before. Of course, we know how that last situation played out: Tariq has shaky morals but when it's time to defend his family, he tends to side with them. And though Tariq is closest to Tommy, he seems to want nothing more than an honest relationship with his pop, despite their baggage. Given an incentive, it's totally possible Tariq throws Tommy under the bus. Like father like son, right?

3. Dre's days are numbered

Well, yeah. Plucked out of hiding by Special Agent Jerry Donovan (Ty Jones) at the conclusion of Episode 2, Dre was last seen turning government snitch in exchange for protection. Rotimi told The Angie Martinez Show earlier this year that Dre and Ghost "just don't get along" (shocker), but he also has members of the Jimenez cartel looking for his head too. From the sounds of it, Dre doesn't meet his maker early in the season -- Rotimi said fans will see an emotional side of Dre and more characters from his life -- but smart money has him being worm food before Power takes a break in late fall of 2019.

4. LaKiesha is a goner too

Hard to see how Keisha -- and her kid who popped up out of nowhere -- don't become casualties in this war, especially when she's so jittery and easily rattled. She ain't cut out for this life.

5. Tariq and his boarding school chum Effie become the new Ghost and Tasha

Tariq manages to turn his upstanding Choate dorm neighbor Effie (Alix Lapri) into a runner in record time; mere moments after expressing her regret that Tariq was becoming a stereotypical black guy dealing drugs, she signed on to help him move product. These two becoming a duo is a no-brainer, but time will tell if they actually become the 2.0 version of Tariq's parents. Again, Power loves surprising fans, and it's likely that the alignment that's taking shape now may look very different in a few episodes. And let's not forget: Tariq has a bad habit of getting people too close to him in trouble, or worse, killed.

Michael Rainey Jr., Power

Michael Rainey Jr., Power

Myles Aronowitz, Starz

Power airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.