Bernie Sanders & Jimmy Fallon, <em>The Tonight Show</em> Bernie Sanders & Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

Sen. Bernie Sanders stopped by the Tonight Show on Tuesday to try to inject some sense into the out-of-control Presidential race. The candidate from Vermont called on the American people to band together and stop listening to Donald Trump, and even showed his sense of humor.

Jimmy Fallon noted that if Sanders or Trump win, they'd be the first President from New York since FDR. Sanders admires Roosevelt, but not Trump, about whom he had a warning.

"Throughout history, you have had demagogues trying to divert attention from the real issues," he said. "This country today faces some enormous problems: we have a middle class that's disappearing, we have almost all new wealth and income going to the top 1 percent, we got climate change, we have a corrupt campaign finance system, and what somebody like a Trump is trying to do is divide us up.

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"A few months ago, we were supposed to hate Mexicans," he continued. "Now we're supposed to hate Muslims, and that type of crap is not going to work in the United States of America."

Fallon asked if he's focused on beating Trump or Hillary Clinton, to which Sanders replied, "I look forward to beating Donald Trump. I would enjoy that race very, very much." But he acknowledged that the real competitor is Secretary Clinton.

Then they played the Whisper Challenge, where a person listening to loud music on headphones has to guess what the other person is saying.

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"I love that you're yelling and the headphones aren't even on yet," Fallon said when it was Sanders' turn. Hey, Jimmy, that's just how he talks.

Watch two interview clips below: