Bering Sea Gold Bering Sea Gold

The treasure hunters are back! Bering Sea Gold will return to Discovery Channel on August 22 at 9/8c, has learned exclusively.

The reality series follows fortune seekers in Nome, Alaska hunting gold in one of the world's most unwelcoming locales — the bottom of the frozen Bering Sea beneath four-feet-thick sheets of ice.  Season 4 features the return of several crews, including Nome's first and only female dredge owner, Emily, and the record-setting Pomrenke father and son team.

But can everyone put their personal battles aside? Last season, Emily parted ways with her former childhood friend (and love interest) Zeke Tenhoff who's now returning to Nome — with a new girlfriend! Emily's eccentric father, Steve Riedel, also has his own compound and is planning his ultimate comeback after bottoming out and losing his dredge to the repo man. Finally, there's The Wild Ranger's Vernon Adkison, who has leveraged everything he owns — goinf nearly $1 million in the hole — for his dream of striking the mother lode. 

Are you excited for more Bering Sea Gold?