This is only the beginning of October and guess what? NBC hits us with a Crossing Jordan-Las Vegas crossover stunt. Oh, joy. On Sunday a perfect storm of circumstances enabled Danny to hop on a plane to Beantown to help Jordan and Woody figure out why a Montecito showgirl jumped to her death in front of the morgue crew. Not so sure about the Jordan-Danny chemistry, but I did dig the Danny and Woody frat-boy rivalry that managed to be simultaneously dorky and cute. And like the good procedural that Crossing Jordan is, the case was wrapped in a neat and tidy little package in under an hour... well, sort of. Woody was still in the City of Lost Wages steaming things up with Sam, and Danny invited Jordan to join him at the Montecito (for a little somethin'-somethin', maybe?). Jordan hesitated and mentioned something about not being the spontaneous type. So, not realistic.

The "Crossing Over Vegas" spectacular continued on Monday night with all interested parties at the Montecito and a fresh new load of cases to solve. Woody and Sam played games in and out of bed while Jordan and Danny... talked (again, whatever). That is, when they weren't trying to get to the bottom of some kidnapping scheme that involves Neelix from Star Trek: Voyager. Meanwhile, Ed and Mike dealt with Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond, a guy with multiple personalities (personally, I prefer his Geraldo Rivera). But I have one big question: Why are we seeing so little of Mary and Delinda? Last year Big Ed's team seemed like a family. This season, Nessa's gone and everything still seems scattered. I want the family back together again.