Beauty and the Geek
Watch out Beauties, the Geeks are quickly proving they will come out the real winners when this thing is over. With an intense karaoke competition followed by a stimulating round of political speeches, I'm not sure which moment was my favorite: Tyson busting out his Rubik's Cube on stage and actually winning the contest, or

Jennipher's brainstorm that air pollution could be prevented if people stopped eating gaseous foods so they wouldn't fart anymore. Brittany sounded like she actually had a clue when it came to talking about Social Security, but it was Cher who won the game by impressing the audience with fancy words such as "Medicare" and "yield higher returns." So, as the sun set over geek town, it was time to party, toga-style.  How hilarious was it when the girls were confused that the guys would rather model their togas than play Truth or Dare? Next up, elimination round, where Chris and Brandon faced questions on popular music while Tristan and Amanda's knowledge of U.S. government was proven... to be very limited. At first I was thinking, "OK, I work in television, I don't know how great I would be with these questions." But never mind, I know the address of the White House isn't 1 White House Road. And did Amanda seriously just ask how Iraq was spelled? In the end, we bid farewell to Amanda and Brandon, which was kind of a bummer 'cause I had a feeling they would have eventually hooked up.  Here's hoping his new-found coolness and her appreciation for intelligence can bloom off camera.