Beauty and the Geek
Hands down, this was the best episode of the season. True, it was only the fourth episode, but there was drama, there was waxing and, oh, yes, there was even a "murse." That was the word

Josh conveniently made up to explain his man purse. Don't ask. Tonight the geeks were put to the toughest challenge yet: an extreme makeover... well, without the plastic surgery. It was an all-natural makeover, unless you count the chemically induced tans and hair color. But wow, what a difference a new wardrobe and haircut can make.

Jennipher was so frustrated with Ankur's lack of shopping enthusiasm, she got him back with the ultimate revenge: an eyebrow wax. As a woman, I just loved every second of the guys wincing in pain at every rip of the waxing strip. It took me a second to recognize Josh without his 5-inch afro and ridiculous sideburns, but he made it obvious how fantastic the new look was when he said, "I look so good I'd hook up with myself." Josh, maybe you should take your murse and seek some professional help. Wes definitely made the biggest improvement; he looked so cute I think he caught Cher's eye, and my secret sources (TV Guide magazine) tell me Cher and Wes actually have themselves a little bit of a romance. Should be very interesting! Wes won the speed-dating challenge even though he bragged about monkeys and lasers. Sadly, the third time was not a charm for Tristin and Chris, who were sent home after Cher and Josh outsmarted them in the elimination round. Side note: Josh was wearing the murse when he won. I can't wait to see what other luck it may bring him in the future. Maybe it'll come in handy next week when they go to Vegas, baby!