Beauty and the Geek
Congratulations to Tristin and

Chris for once again winning their right to stay, despite the second effort to get them kicked out. Chris is so unpopular with the beauties and the geeks, and Tristin manages to cry every 10 minutes, yet this dynamic duo is proving to be a front-runner for the $250,000 prize. Tonight's challenges had the guys show off their interior-decorating skills while the girls had to assemble a computer and burn a downloaded song onto a CD. Sound boring? Yep, it kind of was. So let's just highlight some of our winning moments. First, the guys were given a $1,500 budget to redesign a bedroom, which is just my dream come true! Oh, and Chris, it's pronounced doo-vay, not du-vette. Of course, the geeks didn't fully understand the concept of making a bedroom cozy, seeing as how Wes decided to write, in red dripping paint that looked like blood, "Time stands still when I'm with you" around the clock. Yeah, that's just a bit freaky. The best line came from Josh, though, when he said, "With the way it's going in my life, I'm not going to procreate anytime soon." So that's why he chose to decorate a kids' room. Too bad he stapled a teddy bear to the wall. Good thing Cher pulled through and saved her team by winning the computer contest. Unfortunately for Thais and Tyson, they just couldn't hang with Tristin and Chris and were sent home. I'm secretly hoping they get a third return to elimination round, 'cause I'd love to see Chris crack under pressure.  Maya Schechter