The funniest live TV moment of the day, probably the week and possibly the whole month comes to us from across the pond, thanks to a very serious political expert and his unruly children.

Robert Kelly, a professor of international relations based in South Korea, was giving his expert analysis of the impeachment of the South Korean president to BBC News. He was streaming in from his home office, and things were going fine until the door opened and an adorable kid came dancing in.

Kelly tried to push the toddler out, but she sat down on the table next to him and settled in. Meanwhile, a baby in one of those rolling chairs also came into the room, followed closely by a terrified-seeming woman who pulled the kids out of the room. Tears and wailing ensued.

The BBC presenter thought it was hilarious, but Kelly didn't seem amused. I hope he's not too mad at that lady for letting his kids interrupt his interview. They created viral magic.