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BB 5 Alum Di's Trying on All-Stars

Last Thursday Diane Henry became the third and final alumna of Season 5 to be eliminated from the Big Brother 7: All-Stars house. The 24-year-old had engaged in a "showmance" with winner Drew her first time on the series and landed in third place, but this time she couldn't find people to ally with. TVGuide.com caught up with Diane to ask about the Mr. & Mrs. Smith rumor, Mike Boogie's crush and if she's still angry at

Angel Cohn

Last Thursday Diane Henry became the third and final alumna of Season 5 to be eliminated from the Big Brother 7: All-Stars house. The 24-year-old had engaged in a "showmance" with winner Drew her first time on the series and landed in third place, but this time she couldn't find people to ally with. TVGuide.com caught up with Diane to ask about the Mr. & Mrs. Smith rumor, Mike Boogie's crush and if she's still angry at Janelle.

TVGuide.com: How are you doing?
Diane Henry:
I'm, like, as happy as I could ever be right now. I wanted out so bad that I almost sprinted out the door.

TVGuide.com: But you did make a last-ditch effort to stay in the house.
I did, because I felt like I had to give it my all. But it gets to a point where these people make up their minds and it is kind of like nothing really changes their minds. It was hard to sway votes this year.

TVGuide.com: It looks like some of them at least considered it.
It is so weird. I don't get it. Everybody wanted me to stay, but nobody had the spine to actually say to keep [me].

TVGuide.com: Were you surprised at who cast the only vote to keep you?
I'm not, because Will is a sweetheart.

TVGuide.com: Those are words you don't hear every day!
I adore him. I am Will's and Boogie's No. 1 fan. I got to watch the replay of Thursday night's episode and was like, "Wow, Boogie and Will are awesome." I don't even care what they said or whatever, they are my new favorite players. I don't know why Will cast that vote; I am guessing [it was] just because he felt bad that I was walking out the door. Who knows?

TVGuide.com: Mike Boogie seems to have a bit of a crush on you.
I guess he does, but it is so weird because in the house they were saying that Boogie only likes "the sistahs." So I'm like, "He has a crush on me?"

TVGuide.com: Did he say anything to you about that?
Are you kidding? Will tried to hook me up with Boogie on a daily basis. First of all, there will be no showmances this year. That's Rule No. 1. Second of all, I don't like blonds. I am more of a brunette kind of girl.

TVGuide.com: Maybe if Dr. Will had offered up himself, that would have been a better match.
Yeah. If Dr. Will becomes single, I'm all about that date.

TVGuide.com: There was a big rumor that you and Jase had a secret Mr. & Mrs. Smith-type alliance going into the house. Who started that rumor?
Do you really want to know? I really don't like this person and I'd hate to give her any kind of credit. Unfortunately an old reality person [Paradise Hotel's Toni Ferrari], who was once a part of my life, started it up because she wanted to get me in trouble before the show even started. When you are in the house, people are willing to believe that anybody is in an alliance. I am, like, the only person who didn't know anything about that alliance, and I'm supposed to be in it.

TVGuide.com: The other big rumor is that people will get a chance to come back into the house. Where did that one come from?
Because it had happened in another season or whatnot, they were really hoping that somebody would come back. That was another rumor that people started inside the house this year. I'm like, "No, guys, I guarantee that the first five of us out are going home."

TVGuide.com: After Nakomis left, you said you were going to step up your game. What did you do differently?
The plan was to step up my game, but once I realized that I still had that big bull's-eye on my back and that these people were coming after me again and then again the following week  it got to the point where you can't do anything to push anybody's buttons because you are already on the block. And the last thing you want to do is solidify that and be on your way out the door.

TVGuide.com: Season 5 had three people in the house; if you could have just taken one other person into your group, you would have had the same number as Season 6. Did you ever discuss that?
The only reason I don't think it ever came up was because Jase and I didn't even talk for the first two weeks, and I'm pretty sure that Jase and Nakomis aren't the closest of friends because he's still pretty sour about the whole "six finger" plan from my season. I don't think the three of us were going to work together, which killed that idea.

TVGuide.com: At some point, people have to get over what happened in the past.
You absolutely do, and I'm, like, the most forgiving person in there. Kaysar put me up on the block and the very next day I was like, "You put me up on the block and I don't care, so please don't be weird around me." It is just a game.

TVGuide.com: You mentioned [on last Thursday's episode] that Janelle had said some not so nice things about you in the past.
Yeah, she did....

TVGuide.com: But you tried to make friends with her.
I know. I'm the one trying to make friends and apologizing to her, when it should be the other way around. I'm over that whole thing and I hate her. I think she's a fat bitch.

TVGuide.com: That's honest.
I'm trying to make this as honest as possible. I'm not sugarcoating anything.

TVGuide.com: What made you go back to Big Brother? Did you want to go back?
I wanted to go back, for sure, because I had such an amazing, awesome experience on Season 5 and for some reason I thought that I would have another wonderful experience. As much as I hated Drew at one point in time for what he did [keeping Cowboy Michael instead of Diane for the final two], I still adore the kid now. I was so lucky to have him on my season. It never made sense to me that on Season 5 everybody except Drew and I had such a bad experience, but when I got to this show I was by myself. Now I understand [why]. It is not fun to do a show when you are all alone and every day you are depressed because you feel like nobody else has your back.

TVGuide.com: Were you concerned that Drew might also be back and that it could be awkward?
No. We still talk and are very good friends, so if he was going to do it, I would know about it. But it would have been weird. He asked me about it like, "What's going on? I'm hearing rumors that there is an All-Stars show" and I'm like, "I have no idea what you are talking about."

TVGuide.com: Every time I saw you on the live feeds, you were on the couch looking so bored. What did you do for fun?
Everybody said I looked so miserable. I was. What did I do to make myself have fun? Hmm... sleep the day away. I would try to rally people in the backyard for beach-ball kickball, but that lasted a whole three days and everybody got bored with that. We usually just counted on Boogie and Will for entertainment. Other than that, there was no possible way of entertaining ourselves whatsoever. I've never been around so many depressed people in my entire life.

TVGuide.com: You mentioned early on in the season that you weren't sure you'd be able to stay in L.A. because of monetary reasons. Is that still a concern?
No. That concern has lost me. I'm staying here. I love L.A.

TVGuide.com: Do you have a friend to stay with? We don't have to worry about you living on the streets, do we?
I've got jobs lined up already. People are like, "Oh my god, she's so poor and helpless, let's get her jobs." But I'm really not poor and homeless and all that stuff. I'm just transitioning right now.

TVGuide.com: How do you keep your hair looking so fabulous?
If there is one thing I take care of the most on myself, it is my hair. I've always been blessed with some decent hair OK, minus the Kelly Clarkson highlights I had in Season 5, which I thought were cute. I really don't do much. Just wash it every day.

TVGuide.com: Are you rooting for anyone?
Boogie, Will and James I'm rooting for all the way. I'd even like to see Chicken George win at this point. And Danielle I'd like to see go far, too, but everybody else I'd like to see thrown under the bus.

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