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Batwoman's Camrus Johnson Promises Answers About Lucius Fox

Most of them are pretty tragic

Lindsay MacDonald

Prepare for answers, Batwomanfans! In Sunday's upcoming episode, "I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury," we'll finally get some information on Luke Fox's (Camrus Johnson) father, Lucius Fox, a staple of every Batman iteration who has been suspiciously absent from the first season of The CW series.

In the comics, Lucius Fox is Batman's go-to guy for all things gadget-related. From Batmobiles to Batarangs, Lucius Fox was the genius mind behind almost all of Batman's favorite toys, but in Batwoman, his son Luke has taken over those duties. The funny thing is, we haven't heard much about Lucius since Luke introduced himself in the first episode, leaving fans to wonder where the heck he is and why he's not on Team Batwoman too.


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Well, Camrus Johnson says this week's episode will answer most, if not all of your questions. "This episode we finally get to talk about where Lucius has been, and it's revealed that Lucius actually passed quite some time ago," Johnson told TV Guide.

Now, we won't give away how or when Lucius passed, but we can tease that it's an incredibly emotional episode for Luke that brings up a lot of ghosts from his past, as this latest mission will force him to confront his repressed feelings and ultimately confide in his new vigilante partner.

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"It's great that we finally get to see an emotional side of Luke, because we've seen the work side, the frantic side, the crazy Batcave version of him for so long," said Johnson, "so it will be nice to see him actually confide in Kate (Ruby Rose) for a quick moment. And you can see his sort of secret feelings and how he's been bottling up all these emotions this entire time."

"Luke doesn't really have a lot of people to talk to," Johnson added. "He doesn't really have a lot of emotional outlets, so I think opening the can of worms of where his father has been this whole time is a big deal for him. There's no telling when the last time was that he even talked to anyone about his dad to anyone. I think it's really interesting that he finally gets to explain exactly what happened and expel a little bit of his sadness and almost deep regret."

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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Camrus Johnson, Batwoman

Robert Falconer, Robert Falconer/The CW