Barrett Foa and Adam Jamal Craig, <i>NCIS: Los Angeles</i> Barrett Foa and Adam Jamal Craig, NCIS: Los Angeles

After months of searching for clues, the NCIS: Los Angeles agents are finally close to rescuing an abducted colleague from his captors. But they may not have time.

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In Tuesday's episode (9/8c on CBS), Callen (Chris O'Donnell

) & Co. receive video of Dom (Adam Jamal Craig) being held hostage, setting off a desperate dash to save him."Everyone springs into action at this breakneck speed," co-star Barrett Foa tells "We get this information after months of not giving up. But hope is waning for Dom and his survival."We're trying to get things done... and we're so close to getting the answer," he adds. "To see emotion creep in is really effective."

What's next for NCIS: Los Angeles following Dom's departure?

Foa says viewers may especially earn a new appreciation for his character, computer-geek Eric, who until this point has mostly provided comic relief."I have this great scene where Eric is at the end of his rope, " Foa says. "Hetty [Linda Hunt] sees that and gives him this amazing talk, and you really see a more sensitive side of Eric. ... I think that takes him by surprise and cracks him open for a second. We see that emotional side he's been hiding. He tells all these quirky jokes, but we realize it's more of a defense mechanism."So, will the team save Dom? Foa only says that answers and resolution are provided in the episode, which kick-starts the build toward the show's season finale."There are definitely questions that are answered, but there are also questions that lead to more questions," Foa says. "Ramifications are felt through almost the end of the season — it's one big ball that rolls and leads us into more of who Callen is. That's what the whole season has been about. ... There's really great push and pull between trying to find the truth and trying to do what's right for NCIS."