CBS's Big Brother is in big trouble again. According to, 25-year-old contestant Chiara Berti was arrested in late May for drunk driving. The incident took place in Los Angeles, where Berti was in the final stages of the Big Brother 3 audition/screening process. Berti's arraignment has been set for Sept. 3. Ironically, in a Q&A posted on, Berti expressed concern about the exposure that comes with being a Big Brother housemate. "Although I am pretty open about stuff," she said, "I fear what might get out." CBS spokesman Chris Ender responds: "We were aware of the incident, but it didn't preclude her participation in the show." And what if Berti's still in the Big house when her Sept. 3 court date rolls around? "If that's the case, then we'd have to make a decision whether she's allowed to temporarily leave the house to make the court appearance or [if] that would be grounds for eviction from the show," he says, "but neither scenario has yet been discussed."